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08 Feb
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The Bachelor: Season 17 Ep. 5 & 6 Recap

Bachelor Episode 5

The girls and Sean head off to Montana this week. Being the outdoors type of guy, Sean wanted to be outside.  That's great, but how about you take them somewhere tropical so we can see the girls in swimsuits? This week was another episode.

One on One

Sean and Lindsay attended a concert in the town square of Whitefish, Montana. Hundreds of people were there watching them slow dance on a stage in the middle of the street. It was kind of romantic and Sean did a heck of a job planning it by himself. Something like this clearly brings two people closer together.

Lindsay, who we thought was crazy on the first episode for wearing a wedding dress, is now in my Top 4, which means I see her getting a hometown date. (Side note: She was wearing a white jacket and I think white jackets are sexy. So if you think you are having a terrible hair day, just put on a white jacket.)

Group Date


Another date that included a "Winners Stay, Losers Leave" contest. The girls competed in a "Lumberjack" race that consisted of canoeing, stacking hay, chopping wood and milking a goat. At the end, one person had to drink the goat milk. That ended up being Desiree. Des, Sarah, Robyn and Selma got to stay with Sean. The Blue team lost because Daniella clearly didn't have the skills to milk a goat.

Sean and the Red Team headed out for drinks and because he felt bad for sending the Blue Team home, he invited them back. Selma was not happy about that. She even said, "We put everything we had into that race." Oh, come on, Selma. A one-armed girl did it, how hard could it have been?

Tierra later showed up on the date because she wanted to see Sean. Yeah, she’s crazy, but this move was done by ABC. She was never seen by the other girls --- only Sean. If it wasn’t for Tierra, this season would be Tierr-able.

Daniella gets the Group Date rose. She's awful.

Two-on-one Date

This date is always awkward because whoever doesn't get the rose is off the show. Sean spent the day horseback riding with Jackie and Tierra. The date was over before it even started. Tierra was given the rose and Jackie went home.

Bachelor Episode 6

Now the group heads to Banff, Alberta. What a gorgeous place and we are finally seeing these girls wear some bathing suits! Here's how it all went down…

One on One

We finally get to see Catherine and it ended up being in a snowsuit in Jasper National Park. Besides Sean picking her up in a snow bus, this was a very realistic date. Sean and Catherine played in the snow and just had a good time.

At night, they went on a horse and carriage ride and were dropped off at an ice castle where they hung out and made out all night. Catherine told Sean a sad story about when she was 12, she and her friend were on a walk, a tree fell and her friend died. Tough break. This is a prime example of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Catherine was given a rose. I predict her getting a hometown date. When she and Sean are together, Sean seems more real. He always is saying how much he wants to cuddle with her. He also laughs with her more than anyone else. We will see much more of her.

Group Date

Sean, Tierra, Lindsay, Sarah, Selma, Lesley, Daniella, and AshLee canoed across Lake Louise. I went there when I was 13 and it is beautiful! On the other side of the lake, they decided to do a Polar Bear Plunge. Yeah, jumping into freezing water must be safe! Smart move, ABC. Selma was the bright one and didn't jump in, but everyone else did.

seanandtierrainbed--3322790101649223782Tierra didn't want to go, but sacked up anyway and jumped in. Hypothermia got the best of Tierra -- no joke. Everyone thought she was faking it for attention and she probably was. She was carried back to the hotel by ABC’s finest medical interns. Sean told her to stay at the hotel and get better, but we all knew she wasn't going to. She ended up showing up to the nightly cocktail party to see Leslie get the rose.

After the group cocktail party, Sean went to the girls’ hotel and pulled Sarah aside.  He told her it wasn't working out. We all knew she wasn't going to last. She is cute, but lacks confidence and complains too much about having one arm. Sean probably was told by ABC that he had to show up at the hotel to cut someone just to give the show some more spice.

Sean kept asking Sarah on the way out, "Are you OK? You OK? Are you sure you’re OK?" No, Sean, she's not. She has one arm and you just sent her home unexpectedly.

One on One


This is Desiree's second date with Sean and the other girls are jealous. This date was another one of ABC’s "Test Your Fears." Sean and Des propelled down the side of a cliff and had a picnic at the bottom. These two have a good connection and we will see her in a hometown date.

Cocktail Party

This was just another boring/predictable night, so here's what stood out to me:

Selma said she had to "bring out the guns tonight." Apparently when she said that, she meant giving Sean a kiss, I thought she was talking about the amount of cleavage she was showing.

Sean asked Lindsay to tell him a secret and she said, "I sleep naked." That just might have booked her a trip back home for a hometown date.

My Hometown Date Picks


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