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Mike Hoffman Lost Footage

Created on 25 June 2009
Another websclusive video from chicagowolves.com! Enjoy blooper, outtakes and lost footage from Mike Hoffman's Player Profile video from earlier this season.
Unmasked Ep. 28: Opposite Sides
(Media / Unmasked Ep. 28: Opposite Sides)
<p>When the Wolves opened the season last October, Mike Davies and Zach Miskovic were on the bubble, working twice as</p>...
Unmasked Ep. 20: The Silver Skates
(Media / Unmasked Ep. 20: The Silver Skates)
<p>Mike Foligno knows the importance of finishing. It's what separates good and great players, the difference between</p>...
Unmasked Ep 21: Behind the Bench
(Media / Unmasked Ep 21: Behind the Bench)
<p>The players come and go from the bench, but what's being said while they're there? Assistant coach Mike Foligno</p>...

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